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Why transfer to Wayman Aviation Academy?

Are you currently enrolled in an aviation program and considering a change? Wayman Aviation Academy has vast experience with incoming transfer students over the years. Transferring to Wayman Aviation is a practical decision, and we accommodate students at any stage of their training.

Top 5 Reasons to Transfer Flight School

  1. Looking to join a quality aviation program
  2. Vast knowledge and experience with SEVIS M1 Visas for international students
  3. Desire to pursue a full-time FAA 141 flight training program
  4. Searching for a training program that provides top-quality training facilities, aircrafts, and instructors
  5. Take advantage of a reduced-hour FAA Part 141 program vs Part 61

M1 student transfers

  • Full application process
  • The transfer request form (current M1 school information, etc)
  • A letter of transfer acceptance will be provided to the student if he/she qualifies for our program.

FAA Part 141 training transfers

  • Full application process
  • Previous schools must provide training records as per 141 regulations (detailed records signed/sealed by previous school).
  • Records are reviewed, and an evaluation (oral and flight) is conducted.

College transfers

  • Full Application
  • Official transcripts must be sent directly to us from your current/previous school.
  • Transcripts are reviewed and credit is awarded as per the catalog.

The process of transferring to Wayman Aviation involves a comprehensive evaluation of your training records and aeronautical experience. We tailor our assessment to your individual abilities and experience. Regardless of your current progress in flight training, whether you’re just starting or nearing completion, we’re equipped to guide you through to the finish line.

Our admissions team is available to assist you in mapping out your aviation education program. We welcome the opportunity to support you in achieving your aviation goals, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition to our Academy.

State Approved
& Accredited

  • Licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration as an FAA Part 141 flight school.
  • Authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Institution of Higher Learning to certify graduates for an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Reduced Aeronautical Experience (R-ATP).
  • Institutionally Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). ACCET is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an approved nationally recognized accrediting agency.
  • Licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, License No. 11360.
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