Tips to Pumping Up Your Commercial Pilot Career

How to Become a Pilot

Commercial_Pilot_CareerThe airline industry has been experiencing the highest surge in the level of pilot hiring in recent history. Among the reasons for this phenomena is the sudden number of retiring pilots who had postponed after the age of retirement was raised from 60 to 65 years. On top of this natural shift in the supply of pilots recent FAA regulations has added to the requirements necessary to obtain ATP certification.

A commercial pilot career has been among the most sought-after jobs in America. Captains at the major airlines are paid very well. The job is enjoyable and satisfying with constant worldwide travel. So how do you Pump Up Your Career as a Commercial Pilot?

1. Find a mentor

Finding a mentor within or even outside your circle of friends and colleagues can be of great help with nagging questions, career challenges, and experiences. You can approach them with your request, and they will gladly help you given that mentorship is a form of respect and appreciation. They will pass you their invaluable pieces of advice as well as how to attain goals in the industry. You may not call this person a “mentor,” perhaps you call them John, or Captain, or Dad. Look to those that have already achieved what you seek to accomplish and learn from them.

2. Set career goals

In any career having goals to meet can be a strategic way of pushing you forward whenever you feel like slowing down. They will not only motivate you but also improve your overall standing to become a pilot in the USA. Hard work is rewarded; a feat that outdistances all those per-diems and millions of miles traveled. You must strive to set achievable, time-bound and manageable goals as regularly as possible. Celebrate the Victories. As long as you know what mountain your are heading towards, you will never loose your way.

3. Engage in career events, groups, and associations

Almost every career today holds career events to enlighten job enthusiasts and existing employees. It will be an excellent platform to learn all that entails your job as well as making new friends. You can be sure to locate them online or even through workmates and memos. Join OBAP, the Organization for Black Aviation Professionals, the 99s, or Women in Aviation. These are great network groups that may lead you to your next gig or stage in your career. 

4. Add some academic knowledge

Having secured a well-paying job should not be the end of your academic journey. In addition to enrolling for further studies concerning to be a professional pilot, you can even choose those short-term job related courses. You will find them from your mentor, bosses, and colleagues and even work while studying under the part-time study program.

A college degree is a must for the major airlines. An MBA will line you up for management, operations, or even chief pilot.

5. Create a blog or a website

Lately, the best way to get known in your industry is writing about it on a blog or a website. While you will be talking freely to the world, the number of lives impacted by your messages will see the maximum appreciation. Of course your love for your career can only be seen through what you will be posting. The better the message, the stronger the bond between you and your job. Build your brand.

6. Join Online Groups

Thanks to the infinite online world, you can join as many groups as you could possibly like and share career-related experiences. From the social sites to the professional ones, the list is just endless. You will be exploring the world while on your workplace, and in turn gaining vast knowledge. If your company or organization doesn’t have a Facebook Page or Linked In group create one! That will show management your motivation.