LATAM’s Peru Pilot Union SIPLAP has new Scholarships with Wayman

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WhatsApp Image 2022-08-24 at 9.44.27 AMNew Scholarships help students learn to fly in Peru



Miami, FL USA – SIPLAP the LATAM Peruvian Pilot’s Union has created a scholarship opportunity for students attending Wayman Aviation Academy in Peru

SIPLAP, the Sindicato de Pilotos de LATAM Peru or LATAM Pilot’s Union in Peru has created a scholarship opportunity for family members to study in the USA. The airline’s numbers are growing and the organization in partnership with Wayman Aviation Academy finds that flight training in the USA is a fast, economic, and viable option for aspiring aviators to join the airline.

SIPLAP will have $3,000 worth of scholarships to offer student candidates. This will help cover enrollment fees associated with student visas. Students will have to receive a letter of recommendation from a SIPLAP member and be selected by the board. This scholarship will renew every year.

LATAM is the premier airline operating in Peru with over 500 pilots. As an international carrier it is important that all pilot-applicants speak excellent english. Training in the USA guarantees this along with the varied experience of flying in Florida USA. The FAA pilot certificate is the one of the most widely recognized pilot credentials. It can be converted to the Peruvian commercial pilot certificate with ease.

Wayman Aviation Academy has trained many LATAM captains over the last 35 years. Wayman Alumni serve in the cockpit, the training department and throughout the airline.



Miami, FL USA – SIPLAP ha creado una oportunidad de becas para estudiantes que asisten a la Academia de Aviación Wayman en los EEUU

SIPLAP, el Sindicato de Pilotos de LATAM Perú ha creado una oportunidad de becas para que miembros y familiares puedan estudiar en los EE. UU. Los números de pilotos con la aerolínea están creciendo y la organización, en asociación con Wayman Aviation Academy, considera que el entrenamiento de vuelo en los EE. UU. es una opción rápida, económica y viable para que los aspirantes a aviadores se unan a la aerolínea.

SIPLAP contará con $3,000 en becas para ofrecer a los estudiantes candidatos. Esto ayudará a cubrir las tarifas de inscripción asociadas con las visas de estudiante. Los estudiantes deberán recibir una carta de recomendación de un miembro de SIPLAP y ser seleccionados por la junta. Esta beca se renovará cada año.

LATAM es la principal aerolínea que opera en Perú con más de 500 pilotos. Como aerolínea internacional, es importante que todos los solicitantes de pilotos hablen un inglés excelente. La formación en EEUU lo garantiza junto con la variada experiencia de volar en Florida USA. El certificado de piloto de la FAA es una de las credenciales de piloto más reconocidas mundialmente. Se puede convertir al certificado de piloto comercial peruano con facilidad.

Wayman Aviation Academy ha capacitado a muchos capitanes de LATAM durante los últimos 35 años. Los ex alumnos de Wayman sirven en la cabina, el departamento de capacitación y en toda la aerolínea.




SIPLAP ( https://siplap.com/ ) The LATAM Peru Pilots’ Union is a non-profit association that promotes and defends the rights of its members in relation to their work activities and aviation dynamism, always maintaining a criterion of equity and justice. Likewise, one of our main activities consists of representing and defending the benefits and enjoyments of our affiliates, who as beneficiaries correspond to them according to law.


Our affiliates, for their part, have expressed their decision to belong to our Union, committing to respect, comply with, enforce and defend the Statute, Collective Agreement, Regulations and Agreements determined, according to the General Assembly.


About Wayman Aviation

Wayman Aviation Academy ( http://Wayman.EDU ) is the largest and longest running Ab Initio flight school in South Florida. They are celebrating 34 years of launching pilot careers into the skies above Miami. The school focuses on initial training through commercial flight training in preparation for airline careers. They have 6 airline partners including SkyWest and Republic Airways which fly for American Airlines, United, and Delta. Wayman is approved for international students’ visas. It operates a fleet of 40+ aircraft at Hollywood North Perry Airport (KHWO) between Miami, FL USA and Ft Lauderdale. Wayman Aviation partners with Miami-Dade College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Liberty University for degree programs. Learn more about Wayman Aviation Academy at Wayman.edu or on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @WaymanAviation