How to Enroll in a Flight School to Make your Dream a Reality

How to Become a Pilot

Flight_schoolMany are born with a passion for aviation. They look up at the sky, spot an aircraft, and think to themselves “I wish I was flying that!” This goal can be accomplished with the proper determination, will, and the right knowledge. The part that is most difficult for people is that last part; the “right knowledge” part. People with an interest in becoming a pilot often do not know where to start.

You have probably had a passion for aviation since you were a child. Aviation has always fascinated you and you always knew (and still do) that you would become a pilot. You are probably encountering one problem though. You most likely don’t know anyone in the aviation industry. You ask yourself, “How can I enroll in a flight school?” The answer is simple.

The Internet has endless information and a simple Google search to find a flight school in the area you want to fly will get you on your way. Flight schools know exactly what requirements are necessary to become a pilot. After all, they are the ones that train future and current pilots. They have the “right knowledge” part mentioned earlier. They are equipped with the tools to help and know what federal regulations need to be met.

Although many have a passion for aviation, there are some that only have an interest and aren’t sure if they would like to pursue a license. What if you’re not sure? Can you try it out? Of course! Reputable flight schools offer something for the newcomers called discovery flights. These discovery flights are so named because they are meant for you to learn about flying and learn about the aviation school. They are usually a half an hour to one hour long. You’ll be going up with one of the flight school’s instructors that will show you the aircraft and a brief explanation of the controls. The instructor conducting the flight will often let the first time flyer handle the controls for simple maneuvers such as straight-and-level flight and shallow turns. These discovery flights are an excellent way to determine whether aviation is right for you.

If you are interested in obtaining a pilot license whether it be as a hobby or to move on to a professional pilot career, there is nothing stopping you! A simple call, email or visit to a flight school will get you into the pilot’s seat. Take advantage of the flight school’s discovery flight and use it as an opportunity to learn not only about flying but the school as well. It is important to find a aviation school with a good reputation and excellent instructors.

A quote by Leonardo Da Vinci hits the nail on the, “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” If you want to have this feeling or perhaps are so passionate that you already feel this longing to soar, then take the first step and call, email or visit a flight school. They will always be more than happy to help you get airborne. All obtaining your license takes is determination, will, and the “right knowledge”. See you up there!